Colin Chesters Note

Colin Chesters Note

Dear Board of Directors, RISE SC Staff, and the families of RISE Soccer Club:

It is with profound sadness that I am announcing that I am leaving RISE effective 8/31/19.

As only a few of you know, my wife’s 21-year old son suffered an anoxic traumatic brain injury from an accident that occurred on April 12th. He’s been in the hospital ICU since the accident happened and is currently in a long-term acute care facility. He is young and strong but he has a feeding tube in his stomach and a tracheostomy to help him breathe. He can’t speak and is now in what they call a “minimally conscious state,” which is better than a comatose or vegetative state, but he is still a long way from recovered.

Since the accident, Michelle has been in California most of the time, as that is where her son lives. We have spent the better part of the last 5 months apart as I have been in Houston and she has been at the hospital with him. I’ve flown there for a week here and there, but I’m not willing to let her go through this alone given the uncertain future in her son’s recovery.

Nothing could have ever prepared us for this. It’s not something you could envision even in your worst nightmares, but my place is with her and her place is with him. She needs my support and there is nothing more difficult than not being with her and her children knowing what they are all going through.

I came to RISE just a little over 3-years ago excited about the future and the prospect for the club. I planned on being here until I retired. I have enjoyed my time here and I’ve made some life-long friends. I leave the club in the very capable leadership hands of Vedad Hadzailic. He loves this club and is passionate about making it the best club in Houston.

I am here for any of you, no matter what. I’m just a phone call, text, or email away. I will be following the club from California and cheering you all on from there. You will always be a wonderful part of my soccer memories and I will miss you all.

As my last request. I ask that you each give your kids an extra hug tonight, for Michelle’s son, Colin Romero.

Warmest wishes to all of you,

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