Friendship Cup 2017 Results

Friendship Cup 2017 Results

Over the weekend of October 7-8, we hosted the 36th annual Friendship Cup for our boys and girls recreational teams. We had over 100 recreational teams participate in the event which provided plenty of friendly competition in a family oriented, fun atmosphere, on fields of the highest quality.

Boys Champions:
U9 Boys: RISE SC 10B Elite II C
U10 Boys: 08 MSC Navy, RISE SC Arsenal, RISE SC Stingrays
U12 Boys: Lake Jackson Legends, RISE SC Bellaire Hurricanes
U14 Boys: RISE SC Sienna Footy McFoot Faces

Boys Finalists:
U9 Boys: RISE SC 10B Elite II SW
U10 Boys: 09 Westbury, RISE SC Premier II SW, 08 Westbury
U12 Boys: RISE SC Hurricanes, Westbury Dynamo
U14 Boys: 04 Manchester

Girls Champions:
U10 Girls: RISE SC Tigers, RISE SC Houston SL, Lake Jackson Chargers
U12 Girls: RISE SC Patch Kids

Girls Finalists:
U10 Girls: RISE SC Select Pearland, RISE SC Maloles, RISE SC Premier II C
U12 Girls: RISE SC Falcons

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