RISE Competitive Program

RISE SC’s principal mission is the promotion of youth soccer. We strive to instill a love for the game in each of our players and to provide an environment where each player may participate according to his or her interest and ability.

We take great pride in developing our players as athletes, students and responsible young men and women. Our players form lifelong friendships with their club mates, maintain healthy lifestyles and acquire leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship skills that ultimately prepare them for life beyond soccer.

Integrity, respect, and honesty govern all of our endeavors so that our youth players can train and play in a safe and supportive environment. Our club and teams demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship at all times. While we strive for excellence at the highest levels of the sport, we ALWAYS remember we are training and guiding children to achieve success in life both on and off the field.
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Competitive Mission

RISE builds premier soccer players and teams by:

  • Training youth soccer players to their fullest potential
  • Teaching skills, strategy, tactics, teamwork, and sportsmanship
  • Challenge our players physically, mentally, technically, and tactically
  • Adhering to the philosophy that BETTER COACHES = BETTER PLAYERS
  • Imposing a teaching method of guided discovery to promote individual player development within the team concept
  • Teams will spend more time focused on training and playing in meaningful games
  • Having a consistent style of play throughout the club
  • Providing the best facilities, equipment, and programming for RISE players
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Coaching Philosophy

Coaches are the key to player development. RISE is committed to developing our players by having the most talented and qualified coaches lead our players and oversee our program. RISE boasts one of the most highly licensed coaching staffs in the nation. We firmly believe that BETTER COACHES = BETTER PLAYERS.

Like professionals in any industry, your probability for success increases with education. The pathway to becoming a highly licensed youth soccer coach is a lengthy and strenuous process. The U.S. Soccer Federation is committed to providing soccer coaches, from beginner to most advanced, with up to date theoretical and practical knowledge, so coaches across the United States can ensure that players develop to their full potential. We are proud to support the educational initiatives and standards put in place by U.S. Soccer. RISE is committed to developing our players by having the most talented and qualified coaches lead our players and oversee our program.

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Competitive Belief

There are endless debates in youth soccer about winning versus development. RISE believes in balancing both to have successful teams and, most importantly, successful players. RISE will not sacrifice development for the sake of winning. Player development, especially at the younger ages, must be more important than the win itself.

Our philosophy focuses on a balanced approach. We encourage players to take more risks and to value the fact that life’s best lessons are learned from our mistakes. In our younger age groups, we participate in a developmental league during the fall and spring. We use these games to apply training objectives taught in practice that week. We guide and observe the players in order to determine what to focus on in upcoming training sessions. We allow players the freedom to be creative in-game environments without fear. The balance to this is that there are events for each team in which we play to compete.

We focus on a developing players with a strong technical foundation and teach the fundamentals of the game. We provide age-appropriate training for every player, at every level. We educate and communicate with players and parents on the balance between competition and development, and we establish goals and milestones for the team and each individual player. Winning can be important for our older Elite teams to secure berths in elevated levels of competition such as leagues and showcases. Winning can also be important for team morale, recruiting, team dynamics, and confidence. It comes from utilizing the right training methods.

Development is important because you end up with a team of well-rounded players. Shortcuts lead to sacrifices, and RISE is not willing to sacrifice competition for development or development for competition. In order for this balance to be realized, every component within the club and within each team must work together — from the Executive Director to team coaches, managers, players, and parents.

RISE Competitive Player & Team Attributes:

RISE Competitive Player Attributes

  • A desire to compete to the best of their abilities.
  • The ability to maintain poise and technique under pressure.
  • An understanding of the tactical concept of game situations.
  • Physical readiness.
  • Recognition of movement to vacate space for others to receive the ball.
  • Early and positive decision-making on appropriate controlling surface when receiving the ball.
  • An assured and confident first touch, be it to release or to secure.
  • The ability to control the ball at a variety of speeds and heights.
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RISE Competitive Team Attributes & Style of Play

  • Focus on ball retention and player movement.
  • Forward and penetrative passing.
  • Build from the back.
  • Desire to play through the “thirds”.
  • Good angles and distances of support.
  • Rotation and interchange of players to create positive attacking combinations.
  • Dictating the speed of play.
  • When defending, we press high and get in compact shape.

All teams must try to keep possession of the ball. Players will be encouraged to support and move, thus creating passing options. Once the possession game is consolidated, the team must learn how to transfer the ball in the most efficient way from one area of the field to another. A positive response to offensive transition allows us to maximize the opportunity presented by a potentially disorganized opponent. A positive response to defensive transition restricts such opportunity for the opponent and allows us to implement our defensive priorities. Teams must be organized defensively, keeping their specific positions in the formation. However, players will look for spaces and movements to support forward when attacking by moving away from their original positions. RISE teams must feel comfortable playing the ball from the back through the midfield and from there to the final third of the field.