RISE Recreational

RISE SC’s principal mission is the promotion of youth soccer.

We strive to instill a love for the game in each of our players and to provide an environment where each player may participate according to his or her interest and ability. We take great pride in developing our players as athletes, students and responsible young men and women. Our players form lifelong friendships with their club mates, maintain healthy lifestyles and acquire leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship skills that ultimately prepare them for life beyond soccer.
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The RISE Recreational Program is, at heart, a community-based program, with teams formed from numerous geographic locations, including: West University, Bellaire, River Oaks, Braeswood Place, Meyerland, Westbury, Sugar Land, First Colony, Missouri City, Sienna Plantation and Pearland. RISE Recreational provides a fun, safe, instructional soccer experience for players that are new to soccer and trying to build their individual technical skills. The RISE Recreational curriculum focuses on individual skill development, building confidence in players, and maximizing creativity by allowing players to learn the game gradually in a fun, stress free and engaging environment


  • Embracing being part of a RISE SC and a team
  • Become an excellent teammate
  • A desire to compete to the best of their abilities
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle
  • Strive to maintain poise and technique under pressure with the ball at their feet
  • Build your fundamental skills seasonally
  • Quick and positive decision making with the ball
  • Develop a confident first touch on the ball
  • Progress to control the ball at a variety of speeds and heights

RISE Recreational Programming

RISE Recreational has traditionally been many of our players’ first experience in organized soccer. There are several items to consider when selecting a Recreational Program that fits your player best. The first years in our recreational program are very formative and will greatly influence the pathway a player chooses.

The RISE Recreational Program is divided into subcategories differentiated by: your players age, ability, competitive aspirations, and the level of involvement of the RISE Coaching Staff. Our programs are offered in their entirety or on a limited basis geographically. RISE will have a place for every player regardless of their level of play.

RISE JR. (U4-U5):
An introductory soccer program for our youngest players.

RISE Rec (U6-U12):
A traditional low cost, less competitive, exclusively parent-led model.

A model that is primarily led by the RISE Rec Coaching Staff that allows our coaches to focus more on individual player development. Rec ADVANCED players will try to excel in a competitive environment by showing a willingness to learn and compete.

Training sessions and games for RISE Recreational are geographically sensible. Upon registering to the program, players have the ability to designate their “home campus” so they are close to home. Due to the popularity and scale of our recreational program, RISE SC may organize cross-community play opportunities when age and developmentally appropriate.

Our Recreational Programs are NOT competitive or designed to be. Our priority is to provide an environment conducive to learning for our players. At the Recreational play level, the club objective is to help our players build a strong technical foundation so that they are comfortable with the ball at their feet and confident in their decision making abilities when playing. Tryouts are not required; however, pre-season evaluations may be scheduled for certain age groups to assure that teams are evenly balanced.

RISE reserves the right to move any player between our program offerings if the RISE Executive Director or Technical Director determine that said player is compromising the integrity of the noncompetitive nature of the Recreational Program and it’s player development initiatives assuming the player in question is of the appropriate age.

*If you are interested in a competitive environment, The Rec and Rec ADVANCED Programs will NOT work for you, please refer to our Competitive Program instead if your child is U7 or older.


RISE Recreational Program Overview:

Who Can Play

  • All recreational level players welcome.
  • No ZIP code restrictions.
  • Designed for players who love soccer as a favorite pastime or a time to be with friends.
  • Minimum participation age in RISE JRs. is 3 years of age by December 31 of the Fall season.

Registration Information

  • Players must register for each season (Fall and Spring).
  • Valid proof of age documents must be government-issued (e.g., birth certificates, passports, etc.).
  • Hospital certificates are not valid proof of age documents.
  • Parents will be able to upload proof of age documents during the registration process.
  • Uniforms are not included in our registration fees and are worn on a 2 year cycle (4 season). All players must make 1 uniform purchase during each 2 year cycle.
  • Players who purchases their uniform during the current cycle will not need to purchased another one until the cycle ends.
  • The current uniform cycle runs from the Fall 2017 (Season 1), Spring 2018 (Season 2), Fall 2018 (Season 3), Spring 2019 (Season 4).


  • Innovative, comprehensive curriculum, which is age appropriate and in line with the RISE player development philosophy.
  • Focus on physical, social, cognitive and emotional development of players through fun and creative programming.
  • A fun, stress-free learing environment.
  • U4-U5 Jr. (SW - Sugar Land / Lost Creek): 1 weekly 45 minute team training session on a weekday evening and 1 thirty minute game on the weekend led by volunteer parent Team Managers.
  • U4-U5 Jr. (Central & SW - Camp Sienna): 1 weekly 45 minute pool training session on Friday evenings led by RISE Competitive Coaching Staff and 1 thirty minute game on the weekend led by a volunteer parent Team Manager.
  • U6-U12 RISE Rec (SW): 2 training sessions per week led by a volunteer parent Team Manager at a pre-designated field location and time. 1 game on the weekend led by a volunteer parent Team Manager.
  • U6-U12 RISE Rec ADVANCED (Central Campus & Camp Sienna): 2 pool training sessions per week led by a professionally licensed RISE Rec Coaching Staff member at a pre-designated field location and time. 1 game on the weekend led by a volunteer parent Team Manager.
  • U6-U12 RISE Rec ADVANCED (Central Campus & Camp Sienna): Teams will not have the same Coaching Staff member at their training sessions, they will rotate between ADVANCED teams.
  • U6-U12 RISE Rec (SW) and RISE Rec ADVANCED (Central Campus & Camp Sienna): All training sessions are 1 hour. Rec and Rec ADVANCED teams will train separately.
  • Generally, games are played on Saturdays or Sundays, and sometimes Friday evenings. Rec and Rec ADVANCED teams will play against each other in games.

Team Leadership & Coaching

  • All RISE Recreational teams are managed by volunteer Team Managers who are subject to a background check by South Texas Youth Soccer Association.
  • Before each season, the RISE Coaching Staff will host a mandatory parent education seminar for volunteer Team Managers and parents.
  • No previous soccer experience is required for volunteer Team Managers.
  • We highly recommend that each team has an Assistant Team Manager in addition to their Team Manager
  • In all of the RISE Recreational Programs, weekend games will be led by Team Managers, however the RISE Coaching Staff will often be on hand at play sites to ensure the game environment is consistent with the training environment.

Team Formations

  • A player will not be assigned to a team unless RISE SC has his / her proof of age on file.
  • “Play-up” requests from parents will not be accommodated.
  • The RISE Executive Director or Technical Director may allow a player to “play up” if it is developmentally appropriate for the player and the player is in the ADVANCED Program.
  • Every team will require a parent volunteer Team Manager to act as a communication liaison between the parents and the RISE Coaching Staff and / or Club.
  • It is our goal to provide a team for every player that wants to play, occasionally circumstances will dictate players make a short commute to training sessions or games.
  • Balanced teams are formed to ensure fair and meaningful games. In the event of low numbers in an age group and/or progam, RISE may roster players from the RISE Rec ADVANCED program onto RISE Rec teams for games only.
  • To the extent possible, with an eye towards balanced team formation, each team will consist of players of varying skill levels.
  • All RISE Recreational players shall receive a minimum of 50% play time during games, unless due to player’s illness / injury or for disciplinary reasons.
  • Team assignments are final and not subject to appeal.
  • The RISE Coaching Staff is responsible for assembling most teams and initiating player movements.
  • Team Managers are allowed 1 "Friend Request" (U6-U12).
  • When forming teams, RISE considers: Home Campus Designation, Birth Year, School Attended, Neighborhood Zone, RISE Coaching Staff Player Evaluation/Ranking.
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