4v4 Tournament

Why the 4v4 format is beneficial to players:
Maximize your touches on the ball
Enhance your speed of play
Gain confidence and comfort with the ball at your feet
Improve your 1 v 1 attacking and defending in tight spaces
Promotes quicker decisions making and better awareness
Develop partnerships within the team
Standards align with the physiological needs of players based on year of birth
Increase your fitness, timing, and sharpness

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August 15, 2020 @ South Campus:
⚡Finally, a soccer event that rocks 🎸! There are a lot of awesome music festivals and soccer events but none of them will rock your world like Woodsoc. This is the ultimate rock and roll inspired 4v4 event that everyone has been waiting for. You’re welcome 🤟!

Be creative! All teams must be dressed in rock and roll inspired attire. Give yourself a banging team name, like The Who, The Clash, or the RISE Hot Chili Peppers. Paint your faces like Kiss, spike your hair and paint it like some punk rockers or play in leather jackets. How about some fake tattoos and real mohawks?! Just don’t forget to play hard or YOU WILL GET ROCKED. We are going all out for Woodsoc with music, food trucks and more. Are you ready to rock!?!?

Boys & Girls teams:
Birth years: 2015 (U6) – 2007 (U14)

Play Level:

Recreational & Competitive teams

Play Sites:

South Campus, McGovern Park & West University Place area

Play Format:

4v4 (max roster is 8), 3 games minimum

Registration Fee:

$150 per team (+$75 after July 31)

Registration Opens: July 6, 2020
Registration Closes: August 2, 2020

Awards will be given to bracket winners, teams with the most creative kits, and best hair

Please check your field locations, as this tournament is not using the standard South Campus field layout.

Tournament Field Map


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