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The RISE Jr. Academy Program serves as a developmental bridge between RISE Rec, RISE Rec ADVANCED and the RISE Competitive Program.

Rise Jr. Academy: 2013 (U7) - 2012 (U8)

The RISE Jr. Academy introduces players with their first experiences in competitive soccer. The RISE Jr. Academy allows players, who excelled at the recreational level, to rapidly advance their technical skills along with like minded players under the watchful eyes of the RISE SC Coaching Staff. The Jr. Academy matches determined players with elite coaches who are passionate about player development. Together this synergy will unleash a fun, yet challenging environment where players will learn and progress at a rapid rate. RISE Jrs. in these ages must demonstrate a steady commitment to training at all times to ensure proper development through consistent touches on the soccer ball and regular instruction from professional coaches. All players on RISE Jr. teams in these ages play at least 50% of every game.

Rise Jr. Academy: 2010 (U9) - 2009 (U10)

This age group range is the final and most significant phase of the RISE Jr. Academy before players enter the RISE SC Competitive program. RISE Jr. Academy players in this age group range must demonstrate a level of commitment to training that exceeds that of the younger phases of RISE Jrs. It is important to understand how our preparation fits into the greater player development pathway and philosophy at Rise SC. The purpose of training is to improve game performance; therefore, training activities must resemble the game and prepare our players for their games. The commitment of our players will help the RISE SC Coaching Staff ensure that players are developing appropriately within their peer groups and to establish an accurate trajectory toward their initial placement within the RISE SC Competitive Program. All players on RISE Jr. teams in these ages play at least 50% of every game. As players exit this phase of the Jr. Academy Program, they will have developed a strong fundamental skill level, an understanding of our style of play, and the culture at RISE.

RISE Jr. Academy Teams:

  • Play in local leagues of the highest quality.
  • Annually participate in one in-house tournament and a minimum of two Houston-area tournaments.
  • Train two times per week following an age-appropriate, developmentally sound curriculum aimed at laying a sound technical foundation, fostering curriculum and furthering the player’s love for the game.
  • Are formed according to player skill levels with player development as the priority.
  • Do not require a commute for training sessions.
  • Are coached by members of the RISE SC technical staff, licensed by the U.S. Soccer Federation and fully immersed in the RISE SC curriculum.
  • Require no travel for league play or tournaments outside of the greater Houston area.
  • Low player-to-coach ratio.
  • To further enhance player development in these critical ages, where developmentally appropriate we may:
    • Have players and/or teams may play against older teams or genders
    • Have a variety of staff coaches work with teams in addition to your base coach. This is to put players and teams in situations where they get evaluated by more than one coach and are exposed to different coaching styles.
    • Play games against other RISE teams, which allows our coaches to manipulate game environments to ensure teaching points from training sessions are carried out in games.

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