Competitive Player Placement / Tryout Schedule 2019-2020

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RISE 2019-2020 Player Placements / Tryouts (Competitive Teams)

PLAYER PLACEMENTS for BIRTH YEARS: 2013 (U7) – 2010 (U10)
May 20, May 21, May 22 & May 23
5:00 – 6:30 PM – Birth Years: 2013 (U7) & 2012 (U8)
6:30 – 8:00 PM – Birth Years: 2011 (U9) & 2010 (U10)

Central/SW Girls:
Monday & Wednesday
Central/SW Boys:
Tuesday & Thursday
North Boys:
All 4 days listed above
*May 24th (Friday) is the makeup date in case of a field closure

The Player Placement process is designed to ensure that players are placed at the most developmentally appropriate level of play.

Team placements for returning RISE and/or Texans players will largely consist of the player’s overall performance in training sessions, games, and events during the previous season and/or year. The Coaching Staff has comprehensive player profiles for all returning players. RISE players are constantly being evaluated by the Coaching Staff. This approach is used to track the development of our players as they progress through the club. The depth of this data will result in accurate player placements and a stress-free environment for players.

The Coaching Staff primarily uses these sessions to make assessments on new players versus returning players. We recommend that players, both returning and new, attend all of the scheduled sessions to give so they can be evaluated against all of their peers. RISE will make every effort to place players on teams!

PLAYER TRYOUTS for BIRTH YEARS: 2009 (U11) – 2007 (U13)
May 13, May 14, May 15 & May 16
5:00 – 6:30 PM – Birth Years: 2009 (U11) & 2008 (U12)
6:30 – 8:00 PM – Birth Year: 2007 (U13)

Central/SW Girls: Monday & Wednesday
Central/SW Boys: Tuesday & Thursday
North Boys: All 4 days listed above
*May 17th (Friday) is the makeup date in case of a field closure

PLAYER TRYOUTS for BIRTH YEARS: 2006 (U14) – 2001 (U19)
June 3, 4, 5 & 6
6:30 – 8:00 PM – Birth Years: 2006 (U14) &  2005 (U15)
8:00 – 9:30 PM – Birth Years: 2004 (U16), 2003 (U17), 2002 (U18), 2001 (U19)

Central/SW Girls: Monday & Wednesday
Central/SW Boys): Tuesday & Thursday
Boys ONLY (North): All 4 days listed above
*June 7th (Friday) is the makeup date in case of a field closure

RISE uses the tryout process to evaluate incoming (new) players from outside of the club for the U11 and older age groups. During the tryouts, the Coaching Staff is looking for impact players, who are good teammates, have a growth mindset and can help improve our teams and the players around them. It is imperative that players coming to RISE add value to the club and its’ culture.

BOYS DA/ ECNL (includes Pre-DA and Pre-ECNL)
RISE is the only club in Houston that offers the top 3 levels of play in the country (DA, ECNL, and National League) for boys. RISE will host a series of Player Identification Session to evaluate candidates for these Elite teams. Ideal candidates for these Elite programs will also be identified and recommended by the RISE Coaching across all campuses during the normal age group specific player placement/tryout dates. RISE will also hold a series of Player Identification sessions to help further identify talented candidates from within and outside of the club. Dates, times, and locations will be communicated via social media outlets and posted on our website.

Are you interested in playing for the RISE-Texans DA or ECNL groups? Do you have a conflict on our player evaluations dates? Would you like to attend a RISE-Texans training session?

Contact: RISE DA Staff – boysda@risesc.or

Contact: RISE ECNL Staff –

Include full contact information of the parent (phone number), the details of the player (full name, date of birth, current club and league).

Register for Player Evaluations
All players whose birth year is 2013 (U7) to 2001 (U19) are eligible to try out for Youth Academy (U7-U10) and Competitive teams (U11+). All players MUST REGISTER to participate in tryouts (tryout registration is FREE). Efforts will be made to place all players on an appropriate level team if possible. 2013 (U7) birth year players will play up on U8 teams if developmentally appropriate.

Register For Tryouts

Player Evaluation Locations
(See fields page for complex location and maps)

Tryouts for Central and SW Elite I (top) teams will only be available at SOUTH CAMPUS for U11+.

CENTRAL – Serving central Houston, West U, Southside Place, River Oaks, Bellaire
South Campus:
Check-in by the futsal courts near field #2

SOUTHWEST – Serving Sugar Land, Missouri City, Sienna Plantation, and surrounding areas
For U16+ (2000-2003) teams, tryouts will be at SOUTH CAMPUS
All other ages: Lost Creek Park: Check in at the pavilion

New Sienna Plantation (Camp Sienna) based Junior Academy (U8-U10) teams will be offered this year if numbers allow. All older players (U11+) should try out at your preferred location (Central or Southwest location).

PEARLAND – Serving Pearland and surrounding areas
For 2006 and older teams, tryouts will be at SOUTH CAMPUS
All other ages: Hickory Slough: Check in at the pavilion.

NORTH/NORTHEAST– There will be no tryouts or teams formed for girls in the North (Texans campuses).
Tryouts will be held at Burroughs, Lindsay Lyons, and Mueschke / Sandlot

Please arrive at least 20 minutes early to the first session in order to check-in.

Players should bring a soccer ball and water to all sessions.

2019-2020 Program Details: RISE Programming Chart – Academy / Competitive – Coming Soon
2019-2020 Fees: Fees for Academy / Competitive Teams – Coming soon