2020/21 Player Placement & Tryouts

Updated May 31, 2020

Due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions all player placement and tryout dates, times and locations are subject to change.

The latest information regarding tryouts will be posted on this page. Please check back often and register for tryouts to receive updates. ALL players (both NEW and RETURNING) must register online for tryouts in order to be considered for a competitive team roster in the 2020/21 season.


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CENTRAL @ South Campus (SC)
10001 Stella Link
Houston, TX 77025

Serving central Houston, West U, Southside Place, River Oaks, Bellaire and surrounding areas. See fields page for field locations and maps.

SOUTHWEST @ Lost Creek Park (LC)
3703 Lost Creek Blvd.
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Serving Sugar Land, Missouri City, Sienna Plantation, and surrounding areas. See fields page for field locations and maps.


Don’t worry! All you have to do is register for tryouts and email one of the contacts below to be invited out to a session!

Click Here to Register For Tryouts

Email the contact below and include your player name, date of birth, parent’s cell phone, as well as which program you are interested in joining.

Boys: Tarik Guendouzi tarik@risesc.org or 336.420.2356
Girls: Kevin Cross kevin@risesc.org or 915.373.5091


RISE players are continuously evaluated over the course of each season. Players are consistently evaluated during training sessions and games by the coaching staff. For returning players, their team placement is based on a full year of consistent evaluation from the technical staff. Tryouts are designed to allow new players from outside of the club to be evaluated alongside current and returning players. We recommend that both new and returning players attend all tryout sessions in order to be evaluated as thoroughly as possible.

For our Youth Academy, Competitive and Premier teams, RISE uses the player placement or player tryout process (depending on the player’s age) to evaluate new players from outside of the club. During these sessions, the Coaching Staff is looking for new players who can make an immediate impact on existing teams and continuing to monitor the development progress of RISE players. We seek players who are good teammates, have a growth mindset and can help improve our teams and the players around them. It is imperative that players coming to RISE add value to the club and its’ culture.

Whether you are a new player to RISE or a returning player you MUST REGISTER ONLINE prior to attending any player placement or player tryout sessions. There is NO FEE to register for Player Placement or Tryouts.

  • Player Placement sessions are held for Youth Academy teams for players with Birth Years from 2014 (U7), 2013 (U8), 2012 (U9), and 2011 (U10)
  • Tryouts are held for Competitive teams for players with Birth Years from 2010 (U11), 2009 (U12), 2008 (U13), 2007 (U14), 2006 (U15), 2005 (U16), 2004 (U17), 2003 (U18) and 2002 (U19)
  • The RISE Coaching Staff will try to find a team for every interested player as long as they determine it is developmentally appropriate
  • To help USC member Clubs continue to operate with autonomy during this COVID-19 crisis, the USC Board of Directors have agreed to a special addendum to Rule 1.11 – Recruiting, Tryouts, Registration under the USC Competition Rules. Read more here